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One of the fastest growing markets has been the market of musical production carried out in small rooms or studios. The appearance of digital formats and computerized tools, accessible to all, gives rise to many home-studio rooms and more musicians and technicians in the music market. This fact leads to the frequent improvisation of acoustic solutions that do not translate into good results.

Mindful of this segment’s needs, ATP® features acoustic treatment products and solutions which are practical and accessible to all. These are convincing ideas for those customers who wish to solve the acoustics of their room with a practical sense and a controlled budget.


These rooms were acoustically simulated with the dimensions mentioned in each case and later verified with acoustic analyses.

They may serve, as a comparison, to find a solution for your space.

Proposals for customers who look for practical, low cost solutions coupled with the rather refined aesthetic effect, with a visual display of all the acoustic products. 

The ATP® packs are easy to assemble and the instructions for anyone to install them easily is provided. You may buy through our distributors network.

To simplify the plan for an audition room, Jocavi® created these 12 different packs of acoustic ATP® panels which correspond to 6 different room sizes.

These products are directed for clients who want the sophistication of an acoustically treated room and who also appreciate an avant-garde outlook, with all the acoustic products in exhibition.

It is known that most spaces for auditions have the tendency to be rectangular-shaped with parallel walls and big plain surfaces, after the easiest and commonest way of building.

Besides, the choice of the involving materials of the room interiors is generally speaking not the finest.

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  Don't you know which pack to choose? Tell us the kind of room you have and we'll tell you the pack you need!